Braintree Boxing Club Essex

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Braintree Boxing Club Essex
Braintree Boxing Club Essex news entires for October to December 2009

braintree boxing club hold annual award ceremony
December 22nd 2009 - Annual Award Ceremony

Sean Magree praises boxers of Braintree Boxing Club
December 9th 2009 - Sean Magee Praises the Squad

Ossian kenny in action for Braintree Boxing Club
December 2nd 2009 - Ossian Kenny competes in St Ives

Rob Greaves in action for Essex in Clacton for Braintree Boxing Club
November 19th 2009 - Robert Greaves wins whislt representing Essex in Clacton

Braintree Boxing Club Latest news - Robert Greaves wins his debut!
November 7th 2009 - Robert Greaves wins his debut!

Braintree Boxing Club Latest news - Jack Deer is Essex Champion!
October 30th 2009 - Jack Deer is Essex Champion